Taylor Coleman/Raspberry Beret

Name: Taylor Coleman

Age: 23

Years as a Prince fan: 16

First album: Around the World in a Day and Musicology

Favorite album: Sign O the Times

Current jam: Raspberry Beret

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Not to sound cosmic, but I’ve made plans for the next 3,000 years.  Before, it was only three days at a time. – Prince, 1996

When looking back at Prince’s entire career, it becomes abundantly clear that his music will last forever. But what’s in “forever?” Prince had the ability to create an eternity within every note. How do you define forever with only a few songs when it was an infinite concept in Prince’s life and beyond? He didn’t limit his talent to genre, subject matter, popular opinion, or time. With that in mind, we have selected songs for this mix that were released between 1977 and 2016 to attempt to honor his entire career. Prince captured an eternity in his music, and we can all live in the “forever” he created at our leisure.

Do not fear, for in the distance, twelve souls from now, you and me will still be here. We will still be here. – Prince, 7

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Queen Mix

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about how Prince was comfortable enough in his own skin to accent his best features with makeup and was still able to get all of the “bitches.” Even though Prince may “dress to make a woman stare,” this is not the reason women are drawn to him. Women feel respected and empowered in his presence. He has always sought to employ women both on stage and off and give them the courage to be better than they could have ever imagined. In regard to romantic relationships, he spent his time around women who were prominent in their own right, and they were assured that he would “treat every step you take as if you’re walking on holy ground.” So, just to bring some clarity to the situation, Prince didn’t get all the “bitches,” he got all the queens because he treated them as such.

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Time Tracks

“Time is a trick,” Prince often lectures. It is meant to be manipulated and doubted, but most of society depends on time to maintain its methodical form. Structure has never been something that Prince willingly adheres to. He is a living definition of unity but with a burning passion which will never be compromised by the expectations of others. He believes that art is meant to challenge its audiences and continuously morph into something new. To Prince, time follows these same guidelines; it is forever changing and is not meant to be systematically caged. His lyrics are often contemplative about the notion of time but rarely without questioning its existence. I have often experienced the absence of time inside Paisley Park, for Prince doesn’t allow concepts as binding as this to lurk within the world he has created.

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Moon Mix

With Prince’s latest Piano and a Microphone Tour, it seems he is finally accepting the moon as his truest soulmate. He has often spoken of the moon in his songs in ways which help us define their intimate interactions. Many instances mention the moon simply as a bystander who bears witness to his romantic relationships. There was a point where the acknowledgement of the moon’s presence turned into infatuation, and in some cases even a competition with Prince’s love interests for his relentless attention. In recent years, Prince has lived as though he has become one with the moon. He celebrates its prominent nights with music at Paisley Park, parades around on stage wearing moon-infused tunics, and has shared art with us which merges their existence. Children grow up hearing stories of princes and princesses, but the ultimate tale of adoration is that which continues to unfold between the moon and a musician.

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January 2016 Gala Weekend

There are few places in this universe that truly exude compassion the way Paisley Park does. This is the one place that epitomizes Prince; a place where the amount of love leaves no space for any sense of time. Although I have spent much of the past few years within those walls, I have never been able to transform my emotions into concrete thoughts until now. At previous shows, people have asked me to recall the set list, but providing a list of songs has never captured the experience. It isn’t about the songs that were played but rather the transfer of energy between individuals. The ability to feel free, even if only for a moment, is a much richer experience than trying to remember every little detail. I am simply writing in an attempt to extend this feeling to those who were not in attendance by sharing the connections created from the energy one generous man was willing to emit.

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